Mediterranean Cuisine of Sicily

Our restaurant is the ideal starting point to take off on a journey through the flavors and scents of the Sicilian Mediterranean cuisine. Our chefs prepare the traditional dishes of the island, while giving them a modern twist. Fresh ingredients, the culinary skills of our expert chefs along with the exoticism of the local recipes, make these dishes truly unique!

Discover our restaurant

The Cape Skino Park Hotel restaurant is a gift that when unwrapped provides a true taste of the local cuisines. The flavors and the ingredients come together in our kitchen to result in a magnificent Mediterranean spread.
Our restaurant serves the best dishes and desserts of different Sicilian traditions, right from arancini Messina to  cannoli with ricotta, using local produce such as pistachio and Pachino tomatoes. At lunch you can choose from several menus,while for dinner there is a buffet of appetizers and other dishes to help you experience a variety of flavours. May we say, not discovering this heritage taste would be a real sin of gluttony!

Sicilian dishes and desserts

A Menu to Cater to All Tastebuds

For an increasingly diverse guests, that includes vegetarians and vegans, we at Skino Capo restaurant offer customized dishes as suited to your taste buds, using the flavors of the local vegetables and products. Similarly, for those who are gluten intolerant, we have crafted a tasty gluten-free menu that gives a tough competition to our traditional menu offerings in terms of flavor and taste.

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