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Entertainment Options at Cape Skino

The Cape Skino Park Hotel has amplified the classic and renowned hospitality of the Sicilian people by a notch. Based on our understanding of our guests' needs we provide them with a series of entertainment activities.

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At Cape Skins Park Hotel you can spend many a happy hours in a relaxed setting, while enjoying our services and entertainment activities. You can spend the mornings resting on the beach under the Sicilian sun or being taken around by our staff who will make you experience the sea like never before. Be it outdoors or indoors, we have music, karaoke and various games available for your leisure time.
On a family vacation, it is crucial to find a set-up that allows children to have fun in their own way. At Cape Skino Park Hotel, we have created a space for the little ones we love to call the "mini club". Here the children can spend some time at the beach while having fun with games and music.

mini club for children

Our Authentic Sicilian Restaurant 

The restaurant at Capo Skino Park Hotel is a level of its own, with its selection of dishes and flavors of the Sicilian culinary tradition. Almond, carob, lemon are just some of the flavours that you will discover in the dishes prepared by our master chef. You'll also find here a selection of the best Sicilian pastries with authentic flavors such as a cannoli with ricotta cheese and others that will make you jump out of your chair with pleasure.

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