A New Holiday Concept 

Here at Cape Skino Park Hotel, we pride ourselves on being the only property in the area to offer the same services as that of a tourist village. In fact, our leisure activities form a big part of our plan to entertain our guests and get them to experience the beauty of Sicily.

At Cape Skino you simply cannot get bored

Our animators are ready to brighten the days at the beach until the early hours of the morning. Being here will make you believe you're in a tourist village, with the welcome addition of a familiar environment. There are theme nights, cabaret and karaoke for your fun. When you arrive at the hotel, our special welcome reception will immediately make you feel at home and forget your everyday life.
Our resort is equipped with a wide range of facilities that will help you pass time in a manner you prefer. Football fans can organize soccer games while they are on vacation and could even strike new friendships through it. We have many more means to entertain our guests such as gym, tennis, archery, beach volleyball and water aerobics facilities.

More sports!

Allow Yourself Some Fun!

All our entertainment activities are dedicated to our guests and are offered with the courtesy that characterizes us. Our impeccable service, friendly staff along with the feel-good factor of a vacation, transport the guests to a magical setting, where there is echoing laughter and music.

Want to book a holiday in Gioiosa Marea? Send an email to info@hotelcaposkino.it

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